The UC-Denver Reproducible Research Network seeks to inspire researchers to adopt the principles and practices of Reproducible Research (RR) so that they become part of daily scientific workflow. The club has two goals that will be addressed every meeting. We will:

  1. provide support and tutorials for the adoption and general use of RR tools
  2. help researchers with their specific statistical and coding needs in a “clinic” setting.

Why should I try to learn reproducible research practices with R?

TL;DR: learning R and reproducible research practices makes your life easier. You spend less time copy-pasting and more time doing what matters. You don’t need the whole langauge, we will show you the important parts!

See our about page for a longer description of why you should learn R for data analysis.

Want to learn more?

Stop by a meeting! A branch of the reproducible research network typically meets twice a month and anyone is welcome to drop by. See our members page for contact info for the Reproducible research network (RRN) Network organizers and our departmental branches. See our getting started page for a quickstart guide to R and a demo of what you can do.


See our resources page for links to past presentations and blog posts about data analysis with R and assorted tools.

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